Monday, March 14, 2016

A Birthday Party

So the past couple years on Jason's birthday we have invited friends over for dessert because we both love a little get together. Well this year we've only been in Tucson for a few months and don't really have friends except my aunt and uncle, which I am not complaining about we love hanging out with them. Since Jason's birthday was on a weekday we had them over for Sunday dinner and cake. Because it was a birthday party. Jason's actually not a huge fan of cake and has never let me make one for his birthday. This year though I begged for a few weeks and he gave in. 

Poor thing even had a pink cake because chocolate cake with strawberry frosting. It was so good. 

Yesterday for Jason's actual birthday we went out for burgers and milkshakes and then because we felt the need to walk that off went to target. Which was probably a mistake because their clearance section is on point right now. At dinner Jason got the Blanco Burger and water. The water was probably a mistake because his burger was flavorful- it was funny to watch him try to eat that and steal my Pepsi to try to combat the peppers on his burger. For dessert we did split a milkshake, we probably should have gotten it with our burgers for the sake of Jason's taste buds:)

I am a firm believer in birthday weeks- because one day is not enough- I am not sure what we will do to keep celebrating- but I am sure we will find something:) 

Have a happy Monday!

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