Friday, April 1, 2016

A Baby Shower

 A couple weekends ago my mom and sister threw me a little baby shower. I had been really nervous about having a baby shower here in Tucson because we have lived here 2 months and I feel like I am just starting to make some friends, and I didn't think many people would come. But I was pleasantly surprised with how many people came. I think we are slowly building our village here in Tucson, which feels so nice because that is what I have missed most from Provo. 
basically while everyone was setting up I sat and ate soft pretzels. I figure I only have a few more weeks of people telling me to take it easy and to sit down, I am trying really hard to take advantage of that:)
Thankfully while I was opening gifts Isabel came and sat by me so I could occasionally whisper "I don't think I know who that is" and she could discreetly tell me where they were in the room, or let me know that they had left, she was a lifesaver. 

My mom thanking everyone for coming, and telling a little story. She had a football as the guest sign in and was signing it before the party started. She was showing me her signature, but she had signed it Grandma Brown. I even asked her what she why she did that and it still took her a second to realize that she hasn't been a Brown for 25 years. So she just decided she signed it for her mom (who is still in England) and resigned it Grandma Mortensen. Lucky save.

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  1. Seriously your moms is the best! What a fun baby shower!!! So excited for this little guy to make his appearance xoxoxoxoxo